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If we talk about the most popular and astonishing animes, then Naruto comes up as one of the longest and biggest anime fans so far. Naruto contains a compact storyline that comes up for more than fifteen years and stars some of the most iconic anime characters in the world of fiction. Among all the animes, Naruto is a long-running and favorite show, created by Masashi Kishimoto’s manga following the same name of its main character.

About Naruto

Talking about its chief anime character named Naruto Uzumaki, is a powerful, hyperactive, teenage ninja who continually seeks for consent and recognition. Naruto starts his journey aiming to become a Hokage, the highest-ranked and most influential of all ninjas in the village. Naruto is an orphan who seeks to earn respect from villagers as they know that Naruto has a demon fox spirit inside of him. It is the reason why he vows to become the best ninja. In school, he meets Sasuke from there, their journey begins.


Yes, history plays a vital role in any anime as for casting with the several ninja generations in Naruto. So, their childhood starts as a junior level ninja, which accompanies by masters to learn new fighting and defensive techniques. On the other hand, these older ninjas educate them about the key information of villains. Reincarnation Jutsu is a technique that ninja use to bring the life of characters back, and these represent a significant role in Naruto. The fact in Naruto is that all prominent characters in it have their unique methods of Jutsu like Rock Lee’s devotion to Taijutsu, or the powerful Sharingan fighting techniques of the Uchiha clan.

Seasons of Naruto

This manga accompanies two different storylines. The first one is The original Naruto in which Naruto takes the training, and the second is Naruto Shippuden accumulating his later achievements as a teenager ninja. From 2002 to 2007, Naruto broadcasted 220 episodes, which gained a lot of fame. Taking about the Naruto Shippuden, the second sequel of Naruto, premiered by 2007 and ended up in 2017 with 500 episodes. In these 720 episodes, we can see several villains, which are also a reason for Naruto’s success.

Powers of Naruto

Who doesn’t dare to love their protagonist? Over the years, Naruto had grown up powerful by adapting new fighting techniques. The most powerful form of Naruto is the sage of six paths, which he earns during the fight with Madra. This form enables his flying skills, accessibility of Truth-Seeking Balls, and a lot more. One of the Naruto’s ultimate Jutsu, the Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken, powerful enough to counter the Sasuke’s best attack; the bijuu-enhanced Indra’s Arrow. Further enhancing his powers and abilities, he gained access to Kurama Chakra Mode; Bijuu Mode.


In the ending of Naruto Shippuden, Naruto, Sakura, Obito, and Sasuke defeat the Kayuga, which ends the 4th Shinobi world war. Later, Sasuke and Naruto involve in a fight because Sasuke wants to become Hokage. So, having excitement, romance, mystical arts, and techniques, Naruto features brilliant action scenes and drawn-out battles.